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Top indigenous wines from the Pelješac region

Matuško wines

A lasting experience

The combination of wine and tourism in Croatia and beyond the borders of our beautiful country is offered by many taverns and wine cellars.
However, one of them stands out with its quality, knowledge and perseverance. From a small wine cellar visited by a small number of tourists, "PODRUM MATUŠKO" in Potomje grows into one of the largest and most famous destinations for wine lovers from around the world where wine expert Mato Violić Matuško presents and offers top indigenous wines from the Pelješac region and Dubrovnik Neretva . A visit to this winery remains a lasting experience that comes back again and again with every glass of Matušek's wines

Poluotok Pelješac

An oasis of red wines

The Peljesac peninsula, an oasis of red wines, has been increasingly visited by a large number of tourists and lovers of good wine in recent years. Walking through the landscapes of Pelješac, unavoidable destinations are the vineyards of the tavern, and the wineries to which the road takes them accidentally or intentionally. In their journey through the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, they stop to taste and taste the famous Pelješac wines.

Our vineyards, as well as the winery, can be found where our heart is. On the sun-drenched slopes of Pelješac, more precisely in Potomje. A small place of great viticultural and wine culture and tradition is our home, but also the home of our Plavac. We are extremely happy and grateful because there are really few micro-locations like Dingač in the world, and this is where our Plavac and we found everything we need for a happy life.


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Matuško cellars

The cellar and oil mill are open all year round for tastings and visits